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Office Recycling - Mixed Dry Recycling Service

Our approach ensures a high level of participation whilst avoiding the need several different bins for various waste streams, which take up space, lower employee buy-in and ultimately costs more.

Our recycling service offers your business a tailored, easy to use, cost effective solution to your waste collection needs. The key to any recycling programme is employee participation. We offer a mixed recycling collection service means you can put your paper, cardboard, cans and plastic bottles all in one bin without the need to segregate. With the majority of office waste being recyclable the need for more expensive general waste services is greatly reduced.

We operate dedicated mixed dry recycling plant which specialises in separating such materials. To view our process, take a look at our MRF video.

Our waste audit will advise you on suitable materials for the service and ensure that you have the right number of containers to handle all your waste streams.

We can collect your mixed recycles using trade bins, bag collections, skips and compactors.

Our service covers all areas of Northern Ireland including Co. Tyrone, Co. Fermanagh, Co. Armagh, and Co. Derry.

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