Carbon Footprint

Carbon Footprint

How are we reducing the carbon footprint of our operations?

RecyCo understand that the biggest element of our carbon footprint comes from our daily operations collecting waste from our clients and transporting their waste to and from our MRF in Omagh. As a rapidly expanding business we wanted to reduce the carbon footprint of our operations but also to maximize the service levels we offered our customers.

We invested in a number of measures which have reduced our carbon footprint and that of our clients

Infrastructure investments

Bin lorries
We can collect mixed and recyclable waste streams from a range of customers using trade bin and REL skips. With numerous customers being serviced on one run we have reduced the number of lorry movements and improved service response times.

REL skips
A major investment in 421 new skips has given us to ability to service the majority of our customers skips using one of our bin lorries.

With the addition of trailers to our fleet, we can collect up to three skips at once, with our roll-on lorries servicing two roll-on’s at once. This helps RecyCo to reduce our carbon footprint and maximise service levels for our customers.

GPS tracking
All our vehicles have GPS tracking systems installed, this system has allowed RecyCo to streamline operations, reducing our carbon footprint, and reducing the time it takes to respond to service calls.

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