Food and Organic Waste

Food and Organic Waste

RecyCo currently collect and divert from landfill a wide range of food and organic wastes. Our waste audit will identify the best treatment option for your particular waste streams and determine the right type of container to manage that waste. We will develop a collection schedule to suit your needs and ensure that you are compliant with the waste regulations.

Our recycling service provides businesses with the opportunity to divert their food and organic waste streams from landfill, using a number of recovery processes. Many businesses send this material to general waste and the material is simply dumped in landfill. We can however ensure packaged and unpackaged food wastes are correctly treated to maximise landfill diversion.

We work with several leading food manufacturers in Northern Ireland including the Kerry group and Moy Park helping them towards their ultimate aim of zero waste to landfill.

Whatever your food or organic waste streams are we can help. Call us today






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