RecyCo are the only waste management company in Tyrone and Fermanagh with a fully operational licensed materials recovery facility for municipal, domestic and commercial waste streams.

Our materials recovery facility provides our clients with the very best recycling technologies available in Northern Ireland. Our facility can process 150,000 of 'waste' each year giving us the capacity and scale to provide unique solutions to business and local authorities.

We operate two specialized recycling plants, one for processing dry recyclables and another which focuses in processing waste collected from our commercial and domestic clients.

The MRF sorts and markets the following materials:

• Newspaper and magazines
• Cardboard
• Steel & Aluminium Cans
• Mixed Papers
• Timber
• Mixed inert
• All grades of Plastics
• SRF (Solid Recovered Fuel)
• Small WEEE
• Textiles
• Glass

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